Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in the groove?

Phew! Holidays are over. We had a great time. We were in Montreal for 2 weeks with a side trip to Lake Placid New York. What a pretty area. As I live in a former Winter Olympic city - I wasn't sure what to expect - but it was nice. We'd go back. I would have liked an extra day there.

Since we've been back I've been trying to find some sort of routine. I'm seeing my personal trainer 2 times a week. Besides that I've been jogging and going on long walks. After the long weekend my week will be like so:

Monday - Personal Trainer
Tuesday - Pilates followed by 20 minutes hard cardio
Wednesday - Personal Trainer
Thursday - Pilates then Belly Dance
Friday - morning curling followed by 20 minutes hard cardio
Saturday or Sunday - weights with some cardio
Saturday or Sunday - day off

My personal trainer is including cardio in all our sessions - either by making me hop on a machine or doing so many leg moves that my heart friggen jumps out my chest. I have 95 days until Palm Springs and I want to go there in top shape. My trainer & I are calling this Operation Palm Springs. I think if I can get in shape I might even golf well. HAHA.

My food has been good - I had an on program week. Husband commented last night that he feels good now that we are eating properly again. I have to admit - I am too. It is less stressful to just cook a nice meal.

Daughter leaves for school Wednesday. The tears started yesterday. It just keeps hitting me in waves. I can think about it and be fine and then the next minute I'm tearing up. We haven't packed yet. I have a lovely dinner planned for Sunday - I'm going to make her favourite which is lamb. I'm going to do greek potatoes, maple dijon green salad and broccoli salad. All her fav's. We still have to get her a new pillow, a can opener, and stuff like toilette paper, wash soap, etc. We are going to drive her down, have lunch and then come back. I will be glad when I'm all adjusted and over this. I'm really excited for her - but....

Not much else on the go. Just waiting for my whole world to turn upside down.

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