Friday, July 16, 2010


That is how I feel.

On the work front - I ended up quitting one of my jobs. The one that was really busy. I wasn't sleeping cause I was so worried about how I would get everything done. Since I quit I have slept through the night every night! Guess it was the right decision.

All of the stress has taken it's toll on me though. As if work wasn't enough - I have had the drama of waiting to see if daughter was going to go to University. I am happy to report that she is in, accepted, registered and just last Friday got confirmation that she has a dorm room! I was so distracted I had trouble functioning. The idea of having to find her an apartment last minute that was within walking distance of the Uni was mind boggling!!

Of course, during these times, when it would make sense to throw myself into exercise and clean living to help alleviate the stress.... that isn't what I do. I, in fact, do the complete opposite. Because I am the biggest bonehead ever.

I have a glimmer of hope that, on the work front, I may be offered a contract for a company that I really want to work for. So, in an effort to get some good vibes in my life, I've decided that I need to stop using life as an excuse to not take care of myself. A former high school acquaintance that friended me on facebook has breast cancer. It looks like she will make a recovery, if all goes well this next year with her treatments. This woman is fighting for her life, and I have my health and I'm letting it go. How crazy is that? Also - I don't fit into any of my clothes and it is driving me CRAZY!!

So, after I hit publish - I'm going to a meeting, buying a 3 month journal - and not giving up on myself anymore. I'm going to write on every day of that journal and I am going to be active every day. I leave for vacation in 2 weeks and have already told my girlfriend (whose family we vacation with in Montreal) that I will be following plan and I even found a meeting in her area in English!! She thinks that I should be able to stay on plan and I do too. She has a track near her house - last vacation I ran 8 out of 15 days. In the humidity! I should be able to do that again. Just have to not eat my body weight in bread pizza or drink my body weight in wine. HAHA

Hope all is well with everyone. I've missed the blogging community.


  1. big sigh of relief about the job you quit - getting sleep is the number one thing you need to begin to get healthy again ;)
    And I'm crossing my fingers for the new contract that's coming up.
    Congrats to your daughter for University! Yay!:)
    It's tough when 'life' is overwhelming and makes you un-happy, it's tough to stay 'on track' with healthy habits and stuff. It's so good that you are in a better place now - and you sound like you've found your motivation again - way to go lady :)
    Nice to read from you again :)

  2. Have been wondering where you've been. Sorry to hear that things have been so stressful, but glad to hear that things seem to be working out.

    Glad you're taking the time to focus on yourself. You deserve it.

    Happy to see you back and blogging.

  3. I was wondering where you'd gone! How are the French classes? Or did they go the way of the second job? Sometimes that happens!

    Take care of yourself!

  4. Glad to see 2 posts from Fatinah! :) Hope you get the exact work situation you want. I would love to quit mine but alas, having bought a bigger house that is not the wisest course of action (at least according to the cheque book)