Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday in a big way

Today really, really felt like a Monday!

I found it to be a really long day today. I actually left work at 4:00 today instead of 4:30 because I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I just thought I can NOT sit here 30 more minutes! That is the nice part of being a contractor I suppose. There has to be something, right?

I meant to tell you all that my walking group has signed up to volunteer at the HSBC Marathon/ Half marathon. We are hoping to be able to get the food tent. There are 7 of us, and "we"'d all like to be together. Personally I wanted to be on the course. I didn't really care about being with the other girls. I just know that I appreciate people cheering me on so much when I'm out there doing a race. Oh, well. I suppose all that matters is that we are volunteering. I guess all positions are important.

I can still hardly move today since my workout Saturday. I have to do it all again tomorrow. I wanted to run tonight - but there is no freakin way I could do it!!

So peeps. DWTS starts tonight. What an..... interesting cast. Bruno the judge cracks me up. I don't know if I will be tuning in all the time, but.... there is potential for entertainment, that's for sure!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: Ochocinco..... yummiest contestant ever on the show I think..... I wonder if he will dance naked? I might tune in weekly after all just in case.......


  1. Hopefully the race volunteering will be fun even if you aren't on the course. You'll have lots of grateful folks, right?

    Are you still watching Flash Forward? I think you are the person who got me into it. I hadn't realized it was back on (finally!) and just caught up on the last two eps on Hulu.

  2. That IS a nice part about being a contractor...however, sometimes I do find it hard to structure my time because of it! 9 weight loss