Sunday, November 15, 2009

Someone please talk me off this ledge!!

Yes folks - I went shopping today. Needed a pair of pants cause I start a new job tomorrow and I haven't worked in 4 years AND I can't wear my Lullulemons!!

Of course, this meant I had to disrobe under florescent lights. That is where the ledge came in. I go into the mall feeling good - needing some pants and then.....

Why does that happen???????

Moving on.....

I went to pole dancing on Friday. I am over the moon excited to report that my friend went to class AND she said she enjoyed that class the best yet RIGHT UP UNTIL around 20 women arrived 20 minutes before our class was over for a party. That meant that they were watching us on the pole almost the whole time we were up there. We learned a backward spin. It is fun.

Not much else to report. Good weekend. On program. Tired and have a HUGE headache thanks to the gale force winds that are blowing the Chinook in. No exercise for me today - my right knee is SO sore I can hardly get up and down stairs. I'm falling apart!!

Little bit freaked out about learning new names, jobs, procedures tomorrow. Wish I had the points to throw myself into a bottle of Baileys. Guess my glass of water with a lemon wedge will have to do!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I think those mirrors and lights are designed to deflate your ego! You are clearly a sexpot who can do a backwards spin on the pole.

    Good luck with the new job tomorrow. My rule of thumb is to always give new jobs a month before you decide if you like them or not.

  2. Have a great day at work tomorrow. Ask all the people you meet if you can take their photo to help you remember them. That shouldn't freak them out at all. Hahahaha.

    Yay for Chinooks! (but boo for headaches)

  3. GOOOOD LUCK (tho you wont need it) have a fantastic day today.

  4. Good luck on the new job!

  5. Hope the job went well today. I'm sure you'll do great!

  6. I hat the lighting in stores!

    How were your first 2 days!?! I missed posting as I am traveling but I am sure you were great. How is the knee? I hope it is feeling better - painful joints are always hard to get over.
    AJ/ajlovestolose (kim look alike is my blogger login...)

  7. Looking for a new post from you-- how are you?