Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday at last!!

Even though this was a short week - that is how I feel this morning.

Belly dance last night was so much fun. I really like my beginner class group. Fun gals. I think we might be almost done learning our choreography.

Who watched Grey's last night? Even though I'm really miffed that Izzie is NOT DEAD and George is (oy! I just CAN. NOT. LET.THAT.GO).... I was so impressed with the Chief's story line. Did not see that coming. And I'm a fan of the new doctor since she was on Lipstick Jungle.

WW meeting went well. Lost 0.2. I was a bit miffed with the weigh in lady. She said "oh, well, this is good - week 10 is about breaking through plateaus". I was like.. "um... ok..... thanks". But I was thinking "I just told you that I was happy with this # because I know that I had noodle soup for lunch yesterday and I'm sodium full of water retention, I had a good week on program, and my # will catch up next week." :-p

Today I have a run (haven't checked to see if it is going to warm up out there - might go up the the gym on the treadmill) and pole dancing.

I decided to go for a walk with my walking group tomorrow. Haven't been out with them for ages. They always go for a big breakfast after and it seems counter productive. However, I feel I've hit the point in my journey that I can go for breakfast and not use their orders as my excuse to put myself off plan. There are plenty of tasty breakfast options that do not cost an entire days worth of points. Right?? RIGHT??? Oops - had a panic moment there as visions of eggs benny floated through my head..... I'm back.

So, posting a picture of my journal.... while I'm sure is mind numbingly boring for you guys to have look at - is really doing wonders for me staying on plan. I find that I'm really thinking about my choices now that I know someone might be able to read what I've written there!

Oh, and peeps - yesterday I was out having a Grande Americano with my buds and I got a call - I got that 2nd contract job I wanted!! It will be for between 8 to 48 hours a month all concentrated at one time of month. It is working with a great group and I couldn't be happier!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!


  1. Congrats on the job! I dunno--it looks really nice out there, but then you get out there and it's not so warm! But I'm going for a walk today, too.

    Good job on the WI. I figure anything down is better than nothing!

    H =)

  2. I'm about a month behind on Grey' I am intrigued!

    Yay on the worky news!!

  3. Congrats on the contract work AAAAANNNNND the .2 loss! Any loss is a great loss in my book- even with the sodium retention!

    I stopped watching Grey's a while back-- not because I didn't like it but because the Office and 30 Rock were on at the same time; now I am lost! :-)

  4. I know what you mean about Friday at last, I was saying the same thing, even though the week was split up it still felt like it too FOREVER for Friday to arrive.

    Congrats on you 0.2 lbs down. I'm confused because isn't that a loss and not plateauing???! ;) Silly sodium gets me too, but you're right, bigger loss next week!

    Have a great time with yuour walking group!

    CONGRATS on your contract too!! :)

  5. Hi Fatinah...thank you so much for your comment. Like I said in my post, it's blogging friends like you that helped me so much through my journey to sanity. LOVE YOU!

  6. Yeah for your loss, gosh I think if I had your weighers they'd say that to me every week!

    I'm a big grey's fan and did not see the story with the chief coming either. Maybe if I read some spoiler blogs I would have. The new doc was also in another show a few years ago with firemen I think, I liked her a lot back than, should be interesting.