Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Click here to see the shoes:


They are called Town shoes and the product code is 1-4110-162. They are in the 15th row on the right.

I took my own picture, but it doesn't do it justice

I also took a picture of what 10 points worth of Chinese food looks like all measured out:

Surprisingly - that is really VERY filling - I don't think I will ever have to over count on Chinese again!!


  1. Wow, sexy shoes. I love them.

    Food looks delicious too. :)

  2. Those are freaking HOT shoes!!! I heart Town Shoes so much :) Thanks for posting the pic!

  3. I got my "hooker" boots at Town Shoes and they are the MOST comfortable shoes I OWN!!! I love them!

    Purdyyyy shoes!

    Great job on the chinese too!

  4. Sweet shoes. You are going to post a picture of the whole outfit and hair, aren't you?