Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pole Dancing Class #3

or as I like to call it - the night of the big pole dancing injury 2009.

That's right - it took 3 classes for me to injure myself. I was on the pole, working my magic like only I can when I stepped out of a spin catching the soft underside of my big toe on the base of the pole. Seriously - easily one of the most painful things EVER!! It hurt like a mother..... The injured area swelled up immediately and turned black and blue. Sigh. Like the trouper I am though, I kept on with the class and did not let hamper my performance. Then when I was doing the slide move down the pole to my knees I slid too fast and BAM my left knee is now black. Double Sigh. Still, on with the show though!! HAHA

Friend & I ended up in different groups. She crinked her neck on her first spin and isn't sure if she will continue with the class. I decided to let her off the hook - if she doesn't want to continue - I think I'm comfortable enough to do the last 3 classes on my own, if I need to.

I think after all, in the end, I'm enjoying the class. At first I really wasn't sure, but..... now..... funds will dictate whether or not I take the class again. I think....



  1. I LOVE my Pole Classes. The key is to be able to laugh at yourself as you're all learning. A friend of mine felt really awkward for hers the first few times, so started doing weights for 15mins at the gym before the class started. This way she already felt strong and toned before people were looking at her doing something "ridiculous". I hope your friend sticks it out.

  2. Good for you! (Not the injuries, but being confident enough to do the class by yourself if need be!)