Saturday, November 01, 2008

My curling game last night got cancelled. Too many people with little kids to drag around I guess. I had a great game yesterday morning though. We lost, but played well. And I had to sweep like a pig, so that helps up the activity level.

Took the pup for a 5.5k walk yesterday afternoon. We were experiencing some awesome un-seasonal weather and since I was missing out on a curling game I thought I'd better get my booty moving. What a nice walk it was. Puppy is getting better at not barking like a mad fiend at people we pass, and I was at a really good part of my i-book, so.....good times. I need to buy a new book for my run this afternoon. I think I will buy book six of James Patterson's serious on the Women's Murder Club.

We didn't get many trick or treaters last night. Which means that I have a lot of left over yummies, which will be going with husband to work first thing Monday. We had purchased little bags of chips (my absolute fav), little oh Henry's (my absolute fav)....can you see a pattern?

I'm going to try my hand at making some pea soup today. I have some left over ham, and I just love pea soup. We can have it for supper tomorrow night. Yum.

I'm thinking of getting a magic bullet with my air miles. Anyone out there have one? Are they worthwhile? I thought I may be able to make my daughter a shake for snack when she gets home......

Have a great day!


  1. Avoid the magic bullet. The problem is that the thing that "turns" is made out of plastic. Ours broke after two weeks.

  2. I love to watch curling. They don't do it where I live. I'd love to see you at it.

  3. My magic bullet broke the very first time I used it :-( I'm all about the KitchenAid blender - it actually chops and blend ice to the point that it doesn't clog up your straw when you try to drink your smoothie :-)

    I'm glad to hear that you got some activity in even though curling was cancelled. That's the spirit! We've got 8 weeks left in the challenge. Time to evaluate your progress.