Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay - it is finally Thursday!!!!!

Went to my really boring weight training class with a new attitude and it worked. The time passed quicker and I didn't have the urge to throw a weight at the teacher's head even once!!

I added 15's to my routine and I kicked butt. I have decided that I will get out of this class what I put in. I intend to put in 110%.

After the class, I had coffee with the ladies for an hour. If that wasn't fun enough, I then met two of the ladies from that coffee for Starbucks again at 11:30 this morning! Too much fun!!

I have belly dance tonight. We will be learning more of our routine. Can't wait.

Oh, I have the new editions of Yoga Journal & Shape magazine. Lots of reading. Woohoo!!

That's about it for now. Have a healthy day!!


  1. As Pattie says "Attitude" makes a difference. So glad the weight training class was better. YAY!!

  2. Great 110% effort attitude. Sounds like you get lots of time with your friends. Very good for you!