Friday, August 29, 2008

Geez Louise

I don't feel like blogging today. So, this will be short.

* I went to weight training class - man, it was a doozer - she worked us like pigs!
* I walked 8.82 k last night and managed to burn over 600 calories, there were so many hills
* I stayed right on program yesterday
* I'm going to weigh in at 11:45 today. Time to face the music. (still not looking!!)
* I have a walk planned again tomorrow, followed by breakfast with the girls

Have a healthy, on program day bloggers!


  1. You and me both. I didn't feel like blogging either. But I think in the back of my mind I will lose all my blog buddies if I miss a day. Oh, well.

    Glad you are back at it.

  2. Whoa, look at you go!

  3. Kickass on the walk. That is crazy distance!!!!! It was a little nippy out there this morning. I think summer is trying to desert us! It must have gotten the memo about this being labour day weekend! I do sure miss the Indian summers of the east!

  4. Wow--a walk that burns 600 calories is a killer walk!