Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ouch, it hurts when I do this.....

I had my weight training class yesterday morning and today I can hardly move my arms. Oddly, it hurts when I try to straighten them. I found the class unbelievably hard, but I suspect that may be because I haven't been for 3 weeks.

Oh, I meant to tell you all about a book I read on vacation. I always buy books from the discount bin at Chapters to try new authors. I picked one up and a staffer came over to tell me that it was actually the 2nd book in a series, and took me over to the first book. Of course, the first book was $19 and the 2nd book I had picked up was $7.99. Well, I decided to take a chance and bought both. The first was worth the $$ - I loved it. It was by Christopher Moore, and it was called Bloodsucking Fiends. It is a book about a gal that gets turned into a vampire. Some parts were so funny. Anyhow, if any of you are looking for a good library recommendation......

I have a walk planned for today. It is raining out right now...but I think it is supposed to clear up. In any case, I can just throw a hat on.....I found a good walking program in a magazine while I was in Montreal, and I meant to pdf it to myself before I left but I forgot - I have to remember to get my girlfriend to send it to me.....when she does, I will, of course, share it with you all.

Tomorrow is tattoo day!! Then I have to go out of town right away......I will do my best to post a picture before I go......I'm quite excited about it, and quite scared. I hate needles. Oy!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. looking forward to seeing your new ink - take lots of before/after pics... and i won't like - it does hurt but once they're done, the pain goes away... :o)

  2. Look forward to some pics!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see your tattoo!!

  4. Glad you're back in the groove with weight training. I'm so sorry you hurt. But it's a good hurt, right?

    Looking forward to the tat picture.