Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday.... a fresh start

Diana left a comment on my blog then deleted it - cause she thought my last post was a joke (I saw Jack Sh*t's post - so I understand why she thought that) - so to Diana - your deleted comment actually made me laugh!! So, thank you.

Today is a new day. I dropped daughter off at her diploma prep for Math. All part of my not giving up! I then drove myself promptly to a meeting. A WW meeting that is. I seriously feel like an addict. I deal with stress by eating and I needed a reminder of why I need to not do that. (I'm up a pound by the way) Know what the topic was at the meeting? "dealing with holiday stress". Well, my stress isn't holiday related - but yowsers - useful or what?? Anyhow - I felt a million times better after the meeting. I cannot miss any more meetings. If the girl I go with can't make it I just have to and go alone. I need that charge.

Lunch out with two friends today. After the meeting I am well inclined to chose well. I am in charge of ME. I CHOOSE how to handle my stress.

Oh, ladies - did you all get the new 2010 pocket guide do-hicky-mabobs?? Cool beans, eh? They are made out of paper that likely WON'T SHRED in your purse!
Also out is the updated CANADIAN eating out guide. Didn't get one cause I forgot by the end of the meeting but plan to. They are SO useful! And it is good to stay current.

Hmmm, what else? Gym on the agenda later today. Have to earn my sticker for the 12 days of Christmas Challenge (I have 7 so far!). Don't know what I will do today... my knee is hurting a bit, BUT I may try a run anyhow. I just feel like running. I need that high. That rush. Those deep breaths that remind you you're ALIVE!!

OK peeps - get out there and rock your healthy lifestyle!! Have a good one!


  1. Don't push you knee, though. I'm still afraid to try a run, although my hip/knee issue seems to be worked out. The dog likes the long walks, too.

    Isn't it amazing how you can walk into a WW meeting and it is EXACTLY what you needed!

    Stay strong! The kid will get through it all because of, or in spite of you!

  2. Everything you said (about being in charge of YOU) is SO true. I tend to let others determine how I feel at any given moment...although I am getting better, it's so difficult.

    Although I don't go to WW, it sounds like such a positive activity...whatever works, do it! :)

  3. I miss you- are you still out there?