Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday and more snow!

I'm so done with the snow already!! I have to go back out on the roads here pretty quick and I'm a complete wreck!! It is going to be a long friggin winter!

This week has been ok. Finally got my H1N1 shot. My arm is SORE. To make matters worse - I fell in the parking lot after getting my shot and jarred my other shoulder (the injured one) so bad that I almost threw up! The night of my shot I was awake most of the night because every time I turned over, I turned onto a sore arm! Plus, I had the chills really bad. Collective "awwwww"!

I did the treadmill program earlier this week and something popped in my knee while I was in the running portion. That can't be good. My knee has been sore all week. Sigh.

Family continues to be disjointed. Daughter is not applying herself in school and it is frustrating the hell out of us. Husband & I approach things completely differently and all of this has resulted in tension en-masse. I made a nice dinner tonight - with the intent to make a nice table, turn off the tv and talk. Daughter just called - she has to work. Deep sigh. Best laid plans..... I'm exhausted from crying every day. Sometimes the tears are frustration, sometimes disappointment, sometimes hurt..... but my eyes are tired and we are out of kleenex in the whole house!! I just can't give up on her. She has so much potential.

Well peeps. I had tons more to write about - but now that I'm doing it - I got nothing!! Have a healthy day!!


  1. The funny thing is that the roads around here anyways are not all the slippery yet it is chaos city!

    Ya, H1N1 hurts like hell! Mine hurt of 4 days. Hopefully that means it is working.

    Teenagers! You give them an inch and they swim all over you! ~ Sebastian the crab.

    I am scared of parenting teenagers. I guess it will sneak up on me and won't be too much of a shock once I get there.

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  3. I'm so sorry! I had written a comment that this must be a joke, part of Jack Sh*t's opposite Friday thing he was doing. Then I read your earlier post and realized this wasn't a joke, so I deleted my comment.

    I hope your weekend is better. Be sure to take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself, maybe take a bubble bath, glass of wine, candles. Relax a little and feel better. Things will get better...they always do. :)

  4. aahh, teenagers. 'nuf said.