Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm exhausted from arguing....

with myself all day. I want something to eat. No you don't. Ya, I really do. No, you really don't. On and on.

I'm over 13 points for the week. 13. This is fixable I tell myself. Just eat your daily points allowance, do your exercises you have planned. You could break even.

By 10 this morning the mental tug of war started. I've actually given myself a headache. I'm going to take an advil and then go for my run. I've walked the dog already. Then tonight, when the house cools off, I will do some Wii.

I do this to myself every time I see some success. Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

I finally got my period this morning. PMS is getting worse for me as I get older. Sigh.

Not much else on the go. I found some new low point soups to try this week. The excitement never ends!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!!


  1. I hate those days. The good thing though is that you didn't give in. And you won't. Nobody said you couldn't have a little treat.

    I'm betting you'll feel better after your run.

  2. Wow, sounds like me every day! And I don't have PMS anymore, I'm post-menopausal and it doesn't seem to make one bit of difference. Still have that inner battle about food raging within me. I think death will be the only time I'll have peace from the cravings. No, I'm not's just a thought I had recently.

  3. it is SO worse for me as well.

    it was a pretty ugly week up in herre and that's all Im saying.

    This weekend shall be filled with WATER if nothing else (glances at sodiumfilledfingers :))

  4. Fatinah, I wasn't reading my blogs this week so I just caught up with you. Are you feeling better? Sometimes when PMS ends all the crappy mood and food cravings just vanish!

    Are your feet hot on the bottoms and hurting just in front of the heel? If so, it's plantar fasciitis. The best thing to do would be to go to a really good running store or New Balance and get a new pair of shoes.

  5. Oh my...I thought I was the only one who argued with myself! Good to know I'm not crazy!

  6. Well, PMS can definitely make you argue with anyone...including yourself! :)

    I'll bet once you're done with TOM this month, your food "issues" will disappear (or at least lessen in intensity).

  7. Fatinah, you are a good blogger friend even if you don't have advice for me today! We will both get past this slump.

  8. what are the soups - share the wealth!

  9. Fatinah - Where are you? I miss your posts. :(