Friday, September 18, 2009


Ugh! I feel the need to make changes in my life!! I will be glad when I've adjusted to fall. I hate feeling like this!!

Had lunch with two old bosses and a former co-worker yesterday. I told them that I've decided to go back to work. It felt like a huge step even just saying it out loud. Now I have to find some jobs to apply for!! It would be easier if I knew what I wanted to do.

Last night was belly dance. Only two of us showed up so it was like having a semi-private lesson!! Much fun was had by all.... well.... both!!

Daughter had to work till 9 last night, so I had an hour to kill after belly dance. I put my ipod on and did 35 minutes on the elliptical and then did my shoulder physio stretches.

No walk with the pup yesterday because he was at daycare. Had him bathed and his nails clipped while he was there. He came home all fluffy and smelling pretty. He was SO excited to see me when he came home - it was so cute. He was also quite put out when I had to leave to go belly dancing!

Today is a run day. Walk with the dog. Physio stretches. Exciting times.

Tomorrow husband & I are going to attempt a cycle class at.. wait for it... 7:00 AM! Daughter said she is considering coming with us. She teaches at 9:30 at the Club - so she would have time to shower and eat..... I have to admit - I would be out of my mind excited if all 3 of us make it!

Oh, I made that recipe from Eat Shrink & be Merry - the chicken pandemoniYUM - OMG - it was so good. I had one cup of the recipe and was STUFFED!! I highly recommend it.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Good luck with your job hunt!

  2. I'm glad you liked the PandimoniYUM! :D Although I can't believe you only ate one cup, haha! I seriously found it toooooooo delicious.

  3. Just stopping in to say "Hi" and thanks for saying I have a cute figure! :-)

    You sound so healthy with the walking and running and belly dancing and cycling. I am impressed by how much you exercise and how consistently.

  4. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Hi, FATINAH...think about you often and read your blog all the time...had a question for you: you did/do weight watchers? Do you think it would work for me? I'm a depressive over-eater, as you know...and even when I'm not particulary depressive, I just like to eat too much... Overeaters Anonymous didn't work for me... you can email me at: if you'd like :~D

    -Michelle (AKA FatMom)