Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser & A New TV Show

I was more turned off of by Jillian than ever last episode. Especially when she was yelling at the gal who is the biggest (Shay?). Given that her mom was a meth head or whatever, she was likely abused her whole life in one form or fashion. To see Jillian yelling at her like that..... made my skin crawl. I love Coach Mo. And the woman that lost her family. Husband even cried!! I think it is going to be a great season! Of all the pairs on the show - the two that were up for elimination were the two I felt bonded with the least.

I found a new show to watch. You can catch it on-line. I caught it by accident Sunday night - I was alone and there were no shows on the regular networks and I found myself on the Slice Network. The name of the show is Re-Vamped. It is a group of women who have been "dumped" in rather cruel fashions and they are there to get their self-esteem back through..... burlesque dancing!! At the end of the 6 weeks, they do a routine and their ex's are invited to sit in the audience. They also get a nutrition plan, exercise plan, live together for 6 weeks. No one gets voted out or anything. It is all about them healing. Anyhow, two episodes have aired. I caught episode two on tv and then watched episode one on-line. I really liked it. I recommend it as it just seems like an uplifting show. It's like the biggest loser - you get to watch people make positive changes in their lives.

I ran yesterday. It wasn't as good as my run two days ago. Mostly because the city was busy breaking a 161 year old heat record and I HATE running in the heat. But I sucked it up. Still felt good to get it done.

Belly dance last night was a killer. We worked non-stop the whole class. I actually broke a sweat and had to leave class to grab water out of the fountain!! It was so much fun. Next week we start learning combination moves that will be in our new choreography! I can't wait!!

That's all for now - I have physio this a.m. and need to eat before I drop daughter at school!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I agree about BL. I am rooting for Abby all the way. It's been a while since I cried that much.

    I also don't like that Bob is meaner this year. It was kinda better when they had the good cop bad cop.

    I can't wait to check out re-vamped. I like the premise.

  2. Yeah, Jillian was a bit more hard core, but when Shay came back in and she told her that she had nothing to be ashamed for and that it just pissed Jillian off to see someone not live up to their potential I thought was a message she needed to pisses me off when they want to quit in the first week. How much would we have all liked that opportunity at our lowest??

  3. I will have to wait to see BL online, but now I can look forward to a meaner Jillian and a mean (?) Bob.

    I think we need to have some belly dance video of you posted on your web site!

  4. I swear the weather is a month behind this year. Maybe we won't have snowsuits for Halloween. :)

  5. I missed most of the episode because I was at Zumba, but what I did see, was some good stuff. I like Coach Mo too!