Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can walk again!! (Go Team Lean!!)

My run on Sunday was so much fun. Don't get me wrong, I've never done anything that I found that hard, but somehow, it was still fun.

So, my official finish was 2:54:40. That is from my Garmin. My chip time is 5 minutes more, but that is because I took a pee break and had to stand in line for a stall, if you can believe it!! I'm not counting that as part of my run time, since I was sitting! ;-)

I did really well for the first 14k....then the pee break....then my groove was gone! My hips were killing me, and I really finished the last part of the race running for a couple of minutes, walking for a couple.....on and on.... At one point I actually wondered if I could even finish! Somehow, I did.

So, I finally see the finish line, see my walking group waiting for me there......then I look over, and there is my husband and daughter! They came down to surprise me! Husband took the picture that I posted on Sunday. They stood there from the 2:30 mark (in case I actually was a speedy). They were cold, but they were smiling so big at me. I saw husband, ran over to him and let out the biggest sob of my life. I actually lost my breath! I think the race people thought I was trying to steal my race chip - cause while I was hugging husband and daughter there was a man at my ankle trying to get it off! Husband cried at my reaction to them being there. I don't think they have ever done anything that thoughtful. It made the pain worth it! He said me finishing this race was a really big deal, and he wanted to be there for it! I told him he might be a keeper yet! (haha)

The night before the race the dogs we were dog sitting had me up all night. I don't think I even got 4 hours sleep.

Oh, the brunch after the half marathon - totally worth it! It was at the Sheraton Hotel and it was delish.

So, lessons I learned from this run that I can apply to my next half marathon run (which is the end of May)

* make sure to get the long runs in. I only ever ran 12k before the race - and I would have benefited from the mental training had I done the longer runs. You really do need to train yourself to go further.
* have food with me. 14k's in I was STARVING to the point of distraction. I'm sure if I'd seen a small kid with food I would have taken it from them!!
* figure out my goal finish time and what pace that is and then practice that pace. I think I started this race too fast. My avg pace was 8:13, but I started the race under 7. I likely would have felt better for longer if I'd slowed it down.

I'm sure there were other things, but that's all I can think of now. Overall, it was a really good experience. Of course, I can think that now that the pain is gone. I had trouble going up and down the stairs even as late as last night. Monday I went to the Club and did the bike for 30 minutes. Really slow, but I thought it might work out the kinks. I guess it did, cause today I feel much better!

The best part about doing that race? I so inspired my daughter that she is thinking of trying a mini-triathlon!

I realize I'm kinda going on like there aren't a million people out there running half's (and more!) all the time. I'm just so happy that I finished!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I'm so proud of you!

  2. amazing! you are an inspiration to us all!

  3. Congrats! Great job! I'm running my first race in just over a month, scary!

    Feel free to copy and paste my blog entry lol.

  4. What a great husband! That is the best. Way to go for finishing this and in the middle of February no less. Yay!!!!

  5. That is so amazing! I did a 5K on Saturday and it took me 42 minutes...I need to work on my stamina, but you are VERY inspiring!!!

  6. I can get stuck on that second to last sentence sometimes as well...with things I do. DONT BE ME. that's an AMAZING THING youve done (and not just because Ive never done it :))


  7. Yep, I think that hubby of yours is a keeper too now.

    And don't forget to try to get more sleep the night before a run.

  8. Awesome!! When I took a potty break on my half, I lost my groove afterwards too.

    How sweet of your hubs and daughter to come see you at the finish line!!

    And don't discredit yourself at all...you did an amazing thing!!

  9. Congrats! I am VERY jealous that you got to participate in and finish a 1/2 Marathon. I love your advice for future and the fact that you only ran 12K before you tackled this reassures me I may be able to do my July 1/2 yet.

  10. Congratulations!

    That is awesome that your DH surprised you at the finish line. That is a great way to finish an even better day!

  11. Congratulations!!! You are my inspiration!!!!

  12. Congratulations, I have tears in my eyes reading your post. Way to go!!!!!

  13. I know you posted about taking a blogging break...just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope all is well.