Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Biggest Loser TV - Spoilers (Go Team Lean!)

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!  That Joelle!!  OMG!!!  She just did not get it.  Even in the end when talking to Carla.  I loved that episode.  Husband was completely engaged - I haven't seen him pay attention to the tv like that without there being a sporting event on ever.  We had to pause the broadcast to pick daughter up - but husband would not budge until he saw Joelle's weight loss.  0.  Oy.  Sometimes I wish you could see 24 hour feeds like on Big Brother.  You just don't know what they are doing with the editing.  But, for her to make that comment about Carla working hard, and Bob's team having more teams to vote....that made it seem obvious to me that she wasn't fussed about the fact that she wasn't trying.

And the gal who only lost 2 lbs at home.  Ha - I can so relate to her!!  I said to husband - that is the most realistic thing I've ever seen on this show.  She is what most people go through.  It was nice to see that little dose of reality in there.  Like they said - they are the Olympics of weight loss.  She had clearly embraced her opportunity being back on the ranch and worked hard.  Nice.  

How cool was it that both Bob & Jillian called people out and just said - hey, if you aren't loosing it's cause you didn't do what you needed to.  I knew the whole "maybe you gained muscle" thing was bunk because my trainer had told me that unless you are actually training for competition and eating as such - you won't ever gain weight from working out with weights.  

Can I just say how much I love Tara and Filipe & Sionne?  (I don't know if I spelled their names right, but hopefully you know who I mean).  I love how hard they work.  I love the effort they put in.  I love how positive they are.  I just love everything about them.  I sure hope all 3 of them are able to go far so we can have lots of viewing time with them.  

I had a really rough day yesterday.  So down in the dumps.  Hopefully today will be better.  My laptop is so broken.  I have been having trouble turning it on, and getting it to stay on.  Today I tried to lift the screen and the entire top part of the keyboard area lifted (the hinge on the right side of the screen broke) and the entire computer fell apart.  We so do not have the $$ to buy another computer right now.  Ugh.....I'm using daughter's computer right now.  Much to her dismay.

Tonight weights with husband at Club.  I have to get the dog out for a walk.  Both of us will feel better if we get some fresh air.  I'm sure of it.

I don't feel like reading blogs right now.  I'm in a crappy mood and I feel like if I read one more blog that says "oh, I ate this (hamburger, slice of pizza, piece of KFC) and NOW I will have gained" I will scream.  We have to (and I know this from previous week's experience) eat 3500 EXTRA calories to gain a pound.  That is more than a slice of pizza.  See, I'm cranky.  Cranky from seeing myself reflected in the 216 blog entries I have to read.  ;-)

Well bloggers.....have a healthy day.


  1. Well, I don't watch the show, so I can't say much about that section of your post!

    Sorry to hear about your computer. That does really suck. I can understand that being a crappy day! I'm with you on the blog reading too. Some days I just don't want to either. People should learn that one "bad" (and nothing is bad! just eat in moderation!) food decision isn't going to do anything. People should really think before they post. (I know I should!)

    Hope things cheer up a bit for you.

  2. That is the one problem with reading other people's blogs. Hearing about them eating crap can sometimes lead to me eating crap. It is silly.

    Hope you are having a better day now.

  3. Yep...The gaining two pounds overnight thing that gets people freaking out...Sigh. And I've always thought the same thing about "oh, you've gained muscle" takes time to put on muscle, you're not going to see it show up on the scale like that.

  4. That Joelle was a total nutball. I was working on my intensity??? really? Even when they met up later she was still a space cadet. man. It irks me that there are probably thousands of people that would do anything to have gotten that spot...I kind of felt that way about the Orange guy at home too.

    I also dig the blue dudes.

  5. I understand your laptop pain. Mine is on the fritz at home, so I am confined to borrowing other people's, going to school, or taking my work computer home. :(