Monday, August 30, 2010


I had the absolute worst sleep last night. Periodically I wake up in the middle of the night so hot I feel like I'm on fire. In my head I feel way too young for this to be happening, but I guess I'm not.

Tonight I met with my personal trainer. It was a fun session, although we were on the weight machines for part of it - which I don't really like. My cardio component tonight was lunges (blech) and the rowing machine - which I actually quite like.

My trainer also did up a running schedule for me to help me get ready for the Melissa's 10k race later in September. Right now I'm running around 4k. I have some work ahead of me. I'm determined to get my stretching in every day so that my knees will feel better. I have described the pain I'm having and my PT is pretty sure my muscles are the problem. Stretch and strengthen.

Daughter is out tonight having a last hoorah with her friends. I am holding it together... somewhat. My trainer asked when daughter is leaving today during one of my exercises and I started to cry. So, maybe not SO together....

Tomorrow night we have a family dinner (husband's side) at Swiss Chalet. I am dreading it. I would be anyhow - but tomorrow is daughter's last night in town and my stress level will be higher than normal and I'm sure husband's family will drive me crazier than normal. Can't wait.

Not much else on the go. Just counting down till my life changes. Sigh.

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  1. Where's she going to school?

    I'll be in Banff for Melissa's too! I'm doing the 22K (smaller hills).