Friday, April 03, 2009

Posting Point Style...cause I'm lazy

  • My title says it all
  • Daughter is sick. Took her to the clinic yesterday and then to the lab for blood tests where they took 8 viles of blood!! All of the joints in her body are aching and swollen. What the hell causes that?? I have to wait until Tuesday to find out when the tests come back.
  • I watched Oprah cause she had Valerie, Marie & Starr on. I've been boycotting Oprah for so long I was SHOCKED to see how heavy she is AGAIN. Poor her.
  • Got my Mary Kay makeup today. I put it on immediately. I really like the colours. So does daughter - she informed me immediately that she would be borrowing it!!
  • I was mildly disappointed with the ER finale yesterday - it was a really long, non-eventful episode. Good thing they wrapped up lots this season.
  • My husband's work played a really, really mean joke on him for April fools - I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack - I have NEVER seen my husband that stressed in the whole time we've been together (almost 20 years). I felt SO bad for him when they came in and told him it was a joke. Thank God it was a joke though!
  • We had Barkbusters in to work with the puppy - OMG people - if you are having issues with your dog, these are the people to call. No KIDDING. I can't recommend it enough. My dog is a changed dog after ONE session! (to be honest, I'm a changed owner also!)
  • Mizfit: I did in fact have a massage yesterday, where I had the EXTREME pleasure of saying to my massage therapist "this is easily the most painful thing you've EVER done to me!". I don't know how I kept myself laying down on the table. The upside is that she worked the kinks out!!
  • My ridiculously thin, tiny "pal" said over coffee today that she was trying to lose 5 was all I could do not to clock her one right in the face. Why would I care at all? I must think about that reaction. That is just wrong.
  • Not much on the agenda for this weekend. We have a curling banquet to go to tomorrow night. I'm going to wear my new makeup.
  • Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I hope everything is okay with your daughter.
    And, have fun at the banquet!

  2. Nothing wrong with point style. Hope everything is sorted with your daughter!

  3. * Love the point style!
    * HATE April Fool's Day -- especially when the joke is stressful.
    * I have a friend like yours, too. The girl is a freakin' stick and complaining about the 5 pounds she has left of her baby weight. The kid is 8 months old. I JUST lost my baby weight, am still far from a stick, and my kid will be 3 in 3 months!

  4. But wait! What was the mean joke? Serge and I got totally sucked into a fake news item here, and we felt pretty stupid after telling everyone about it and finding out it was fake.