Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday...seriously....still not Thursday?

Goodness, I have woken up thinking every day so far this week was Thursday. What a bummer. And a long week.

Fatmom - the Santa Shuffle is just a 5k race that is run in December. I did it last year. They gave us a free 6 inch subway sub after. Cool beans!! I will run anywhere for a "free" sub!! ;-)

I worked today. Again, no one in my group spoke to me.

I went right from work to the gym. This was no easy task as I had fallen asleep on the bus and when I got to my vehicle I was very sleepy. I sure didn't feel like running. BUT 29 minutes into my 30 minute run I hit my groove (haha - just checking to see if you are paying attention!). Actually, I had a great run (just on treadmill) and I have that runners high. Even now, an hour and a half and a shower later.

I'm surprised how motivated I am to get my runs in when I'm in the middle of a good iPod book. I have to start cruising iTunes for my next one. I'm almost finished "T is for Tresspass".

What I guess. Hope you're all having an on program day!!


  1. Hey, when you wake up tomorrow it will be Thursday. Hurray, I think.

    So glad your runs energize you. My exercising puts me to sleep. No matter what kind I do. I've always been told that when I'm really tired to exercise and it will be perky. Nope, not me. It just makes me tireder and tireder. I suffer from low blood pressure. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  2. Great job on the run after work!!