Friday, September 17, 2010

The party and the humiliation

Last weekend was my girlfriend's re-marriage. It was a touching awesome evening and she just glowed. It was clear she was having the 2nd night of her life!!

Five of the guys attending ended up wearing kilts (mine included) and around 7 - 9 women wore a sash. It looked really pretty to see so many people participating in the Scottish traditions.

My girlfriend had a bit to drink and decided, that before we started speeches and ate and whatnot that she would go around the room and introduce people - say how we all know each other.

I know this gal from curling. She introduced me though as her..... Weight Watchers friend. Yep. 40 odd people sitting in the room and that was my claim to fame for the rest of the evening. Now, while I do follow WW, I don't go with this gal. I've been to.... maybe.... two meetings with her. AND, if was was near my goal.... maybe I wouldn't have been so MORTIFIED, but I'm quite the opposite! I was proud of myself though - I didn't cry at the table. I had my cry about it the next morning in private with my husband. HAHA.

Of course, there were people there from our social circle that I would NEVER, EVER, EVER discuss this part of my life with. And of course, later in the evening, we were talking about the desert. My husband has, our entire relationship, eaten my desert. I'm just not a desert person. On top of that, it was cheesecake, which I happen to despise because of the texture. Well, I made a joke about husband taking my plate, and the gal I would never talk about my weight to asks "so..... is that cause you can't HAVE cheesecake?" ARGH!!!! I hate, hate, hate having to answer questions like that, which is why I don't tell people about WW!!!

I was shocked at how much this bothered me. I was so incredibly embarrassed, I just couldn't believe it.

Aside from that though - it was such a fun night. I bet I danced for almost 4 hours. The DJ was just great and fun was had by all.

I've had a good week this week. Pilates twice, personal trainer twice, belly dance once, and 60 on cardio machines. Daughter is busy at school, and so I haven't spoken to her. Just bbm'ing & facebook. Sigh.....

Freaking out a bit about Melissa's next weekend. I REALLY need to get training!!!!

Below is a picture of husband & I dressed all pretty for the party. After the humiliation, before the dancing. ;-)


  1. Oh man....I'm not sure how I would react to someone telling 40 people that I didn't really know that I was their friend though WW. Good for you for keeping your cool at the moment.

    That picture is great of the two of you. You both look lovely!

  2. You look beautiful in the picture from the re-wedding, dahling. That's a great dress and it's very flattering on you. And all that working out is giving you killer legs!

    You don't really have anything to be embarassed about going to Weight Watchers. MILLIONS of people attend meetings; I read once that in England 1 in 8 people are WW members. In 2004, 23% of Canadians were obese. So you are doing something smart to maintain your weight! That should be applauded. It is just unfortunate that society acts like everyone should "naturally" be able to maintain their weight with no effort and no support.

    That being said, I emphatize with your feelings. I'm sure I would have cried, too.


  3. Aw sorry about the embarsassment, I've learned not to mention it too because people look at me like I have two heads. And I can't help myself but desert is a hot dry place, dessert is that sweet after dinner treat.

  4. aw, you both look so cute. my mom is in scotland right now!

    i think you should feel proud ... that everyone knows you're activity trying to change your life for the better!