Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas Wrap-Up

Well, the holidays have come and went. And just in time, cause my stomach needs a break!
I'm back tracking today. I was back at the gym yesterday. I don't know if I mentioned this, but my club is having a 12 days of Christmas challenge that I signed up for. I still have 3 stickers to collect before the 30th. Yesterday I did a hill program on the treadmill for 20 minutes and 20 minutes on the bike. I will likely do the same thing today.
I'm still taking people for the Spring Challenge on SparkPeople if any of you are interested. My SparkPeople name is fatinahdc. You can just send me a sparkmail.
I have 83 days till I have to put on a swimsuit. Holy crap. I'm freaking out. I have much work to do between now and then. I cannot afford to be starting over anymore. I think I'm going to focus on making my food choices from the core menu. I'm a points gal through and through, but I feel like I need to eat clean for a bit. Mostly because of all the junk over the past while. It is always so surprising to me how out of control my choices get if I take a break. It is like I have never learned anything about healthy eating. Hmpf!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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  1. 83 days? Sounds like something really fun is coming up! Look, I think you are on the right path, damn it, so keep up the good work. This holiday may have been a blip on the radar, but you're probably doing way better than last year, right? I'm super proud of you!