Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The family that exercises together....

sweats together!

When I returned home Sunday (one week after husband came home), husband announced that play time was over and that he was going to start exercising pronto. Then daughter calls from her friends house yesterday in the afternoon asking to go to our club in the evening.

Since the stars are obviously aligned, after dinner I ensure husband makes good on his announcement (although in retrospect, I should have also bought a lotto ticket!). He laughed when I asked what time we were going to the gym. So, off we all toodle. Daughter brings a buddy. They do the elliptical and ball/machine work, I do elevations on the treadmill and husband does laps in the pool and then the steam room. I am one happy camper.

Till I get home and update my food journal. What sucks as much as the weight I gained on vacay (which I think will be substantial - I weigh officially tomorrow) is getting my portions back into control. And realizing that beer is a point sucker. I used 11.5 flex points and 6 of them were beer! Stupid. 6 points is almost what I spent on my freakin supper. Sheesh. It takes months and months to learn a new habit and exactly 3 weeks to loose it!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Getting closer to getting my puppy. Endless hours spent over vacay picking out the PERFECT names. Stay tuned!

PPS: Dog names are like baby names - I will not be telling till I post the picture of the pup - and then you will all be compelled to think it is the best name ever - HA!! (and of course it will be the cutest pup ever also!)

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